Web Design Services

We welcome the opportunity to provide complete Web and Internet solutions to our clients. Our design, consulting, and implementation services are available to LiveZone hosted clients, clients with their own Internet sites, as well as to clients of other Web site host providers.

How can the experts at LiveZone help your organization with your Internet implementation and business strategy?

  • Business analysis: does the Internet (and Web) present your organization with new ways of doing business?
  • Ensure your organizational systems make effective use of the new World Wide Web medium.
  • Technology review: how can you exploit the emerging Internet-based technologies?
  • Plan and budget for an effective Internet organizational presence.
  • Analysis and review of the effectiveness of your existing or emerging Internet business strategy.
  • Project management: manage implementation of your first, complete, Web or Internet site.
  • Help you locate experienced Web site designers, graphic artists, or HTML coders. (A number of Web design and consulting firms use LiveZone hosting services themselves, as well as for their clients.)

We'd be delighted to discuss our consulting services further; please contact us by email at LZinfo @ LiveZone.com or by telephone at 408.626.7007.


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